NFL Fan Table Week 6, Plus New Orleans Saints Song for Download

It’s a big week for’s NFL Fan Table. First off, host Amy Witry is going solo– so that means no cute  Ethan Havenar in the house. Don’t worry, we’re told he’ll be back.

This week , Amy chats about the Cleveland Browns’ win, why she thinks the San Francisco 49ers suck, and a taste of the New Orleans Saints’ song “Who Dat, Tru Dat.” What makes this song so special is that it’s by the King Cake Krewe. And Amy– who is a huge Saints fan– is one of the “Krewe,” as in, one of the writers on this song. She and her partner created a tune for the team last year, and it got some attention and air play, so they were asked to create a new one for the 2012 season. And here it is.

Watch the latest episode above!