Nick Jonas Gets a Ticket!


Singer Nick Jonas was out in West Hollywood and the paparazzi were naturally there to see if anything exciting happened. And guess what? Something DID!

Jonas got a parking ticket! It was placed on his windshield! He found it when he returned to his car! We can’t see what he got it for, but it may have been for an expired meter, having expired tags, parking in a handicap zone, or having a bit of his bumper in the red. Who can say?

However, to be clear, some of us at First to Know suspect he got it for being cute– because those looks could KILL!

Yes, you may now file this story under “slow news day.” Check out the few pictures below as we recreate the moment in dramatic detail.

Nick Jonas gets a ticket and photo

He sees it and carefully removes it from his windshield, worried it’s another girl’s number scrawled out in serial killer handwriting.

Nick Jonas reads his traffic ticket

He looks at it, relieved it’s not from a psycho fan. Then depression sinks into his gut as he realizes he his manager will have to pay for this ticket.

Nick Jonas looks at parking ticket in West Hollywood

What’s it for, Nick? TELL US WHAT WAS IT FOR!!

Eh… he still looks good.