Nickelodeon Star Lucas Cruikshank Comes Out

For those of you who don’t know, Lucas Cruikshank created the character Fred Figglehorn, and the associated Fred series for his YouTube channel year ago. The short videos took off, and the young comic actor soon had more than one million subscribers, making it the first YouTube channel to score such a success. This brought Cruikshank to the attention of teen network Nickelodeon, which shot and aired Fred: The Movie in 2010. This spawned a franchise surrounding the character, and in 2011 they released Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred. Most recently there was the series, Fred: The Show, and a third movie.

The 19-year-old comic actor has continued with his YouTube videos, such as a series of comical conversations with his best girlfriend, Jennifer Veal. Today the two answered user-submitted questions, and the most popular of them all was, “Are you gay?”

In a laugh-fueled response, Cruikshank admits that he is and that his family has known for three years, he’s just never felt the need to announce it online until now.

The whole video is pretty amazing, especially with the way he and Veal respond to the questions and each other. The actual coming out happens at about 1:20, but if you’ve got two minutes check out the entire segment.