Nicole Richie gets slapped in the face during interview

Nicole Richie gets slapped
Nicole Richie getting slapped is strangely amazing (YouTube/TalkStoop)

If you thought you had a bad day, Nicole Richie just got full on slapped in the face during an interview.

The reformed party girl, now TV personality was on New York-based online series Talk Scoop to discuss her new show Great News when she received a face palm by host Cat Greenleaf.

Coming literally at the start of their chat, interviewer Cat asked what was the greatest news Nicole had heard that week, to which Richie replied: “Well, I live in LA and I heard it’s going to rain three times this week.”

Nicole Richie gets slapped
It was all going so well (TalkStoop/YouTube)

Getting very excited by this answer, the host then went for the very enthusiastic high-five that was so powerful it managed to slap Nicole in the face and send her huge sunglasses flying.

Cue the best reaction ever to getting accidentally assaulted mid-interview.

“That was the weirdest high-five ever,” Cat tells a shocked Richie, who had probably already worked that one out.

A clearly mortified Greenleaf then asks if her guest is ok and claims she’s “notoriously clumsy”.

Richie cooly responds with: “I can see that. Out of my left eye only.”

Nicole Richie gets slapped
The glasses go flying (TalkStoop/YouTube)

Attempting to rescue the now awkward interview, Richie’s asked for a fun notorious fact about herself.

“Um, I was just abused like two seconds ago,” a deadpan Nicole responds.

Maybe Cat just really didn’t like her sunglasses?

Nicole Richie gets slapped
When you’ve just slapped your interviewee (YouTube/TalkStoop)

Luckily Nicole seems more stunned than hurt by the incident did manage to carry on with the interview, but we’re guessing it’s not going to go down as her favourite chat ever.

It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral sending social media into a spin over the cringe moment and Richie’s uber cool handling of the slap.

Seeing the funny side, Cat later thanked Nicole on Twitter for being a “trooper” while retweeting a link to a story that referred to her as a “bungling reporter”.