Nicole Richie Sniffs Hunks to Find Her Perfume

Here’s a new, decidedly adult, take on “Scratch ‘N Sniff” stickers.

Last week Ellen DeGeneres had Nicole Richie on her daytime talk show Ellen and, as usual, the comedienne-turned-host found a creative way to make a regular interview just a little more fun. Richie, ya see, was on the show promoting her new fragrance, which is creatively called “Nicole by Nicole Richie.” We’re told it smells like vapor mixed with hunger, but that may just be a vicious rumor.

Anyway, speaking to her housewife demo, DeGeneres spritzed a collection of hard-bodied hotties with various scents. She then challenged Richie to sniff the specimens and see if she could spot her own fragrance.

Don’t worry– it wasn’t too tough guessing the right scent; you’ll see why when you watch the video. The real challenge? Sniffing but not touching. Needless to say, Richie failed. (But, really, can you blame the girl?) Check out the fun above.