Nigella Lawson Returns to American TV

The Food Network’s edgy little sister, The Cooking Channel, is bringing the UK’s Domestic Goddess back to American audiences this December.

Nigellissima, Nigella Lawson’s new show, is all about her passion for Italian cuisine. It’s tied to her new book of the same name, and is supposed to show “how easy it can be to create fresh feasts from everyday ingredients as she brings the spirit and tastes of Italy to your table.”

Premiering Saturday, December 7th at 10:30am ET / 7:30amPT, Nigellissima covers everything from intriguing pasta recipes to brilliant meat dishes and voluptuous sounding desserts. Here are some highlights from the press release, in no particular order:

  • A midweek family feast of Tagliata – a juicy steak cut into thin slices – served with crisp, fluffy Tuscan fries.
  • Pork loin stuffed with Parma ham and oregano, served alongside her speedy mock mash and vignarola
  • A simple yet sumptuous meal of butterflied leg of lamb and baby aubergines with oregano and roasted red onion.
  • Her celebratory, yet simple Italian roast chicken, served alongside a sunny saffron orzotto.

And for desserts…

  • Surprisingly easy coffee ice cream – inspired by lazy days spent in the ice cream parlors of Florence.
  • Sambuca kisses – delicate, doughnut-like treats so light that one would never be enough.
  • An irresistible meringue gelato cake with sharp raspberries and a dark chocolate sauce.

Sadly, we can’t get too excited. Nigella Lawson’s new show was actually broadcast in the United Kingdom last year, and from the looks of things there are only 6 episodes plus a Christmas special. The Cooking Channel didn’t mention the Christmas special, and at the moment there are no commercials. Fortunately, we could find a bunch of it on YouTube, and linked the commercial above. Enjoy.