No Bathroom Breaks: Matt Damon Declares a Toilet Strike

Matt Damon has a message for everyone out there: Go on a toilet strike, and you will save lives.

The co-founder of, is boycotting the bathroom and urges you to do the same. In a new PSA, the actor attends a faux press conference, where he tells reporters that he has decided to forego using the toilet, in favor of clean water for all.

He begins the conference by grilling reporters and then informs them about the lack of clean water around the world.

“Anybody have any idea what invention has saved more lives than any other in the history of humankind? The toilet” he says. “What’s even more shocking is the catastrophic worldwide lack of clean water and sanitation. 780 million people — that’s twice the population of the United States — lack access to clean water. 2.5 billion people lack access to a toilet or basic sanitation. I mean more people have cellphones than have toilets.”

Then he drops the bombshell and tells the attendees “In protest of this global tragedy and until this issue is resolved . . . I will not go to the bathroom.”

Reporter are confused, they ask questions, one proposes dubbing the protest “One Matt Damon, No Cup,” while others are somewhat onboard with the idea.

“Join me,” Damon urges as he wraps up the conference. “Say no to toilets. Say yes to clean water for all.”

As for where he’ll go when the urge strikes, just watch the hilarious PSA and make your own conclusions.

Other actors who make cameos include Lamorne Morris (New Girl) and Kate Micucci (Raising Hope).

For more info, and to donate $25 to give one person clean water for life, visit