No Words Can Explain What Happened After Pope Francis Held This Sick Baby

Do you believe in miracles? Even if you don’t, this Arizona family has good reason to trust that, sometimes, the powers that be can, and will, “move Heaven and Earth” for those in need.

“It seems like it was really meant to happen,” Lynn told USA Today. “And it’s as close to a miracle as we’ll ever see, I’m sure.”

Back in 2014, Lynn Cassidy and her husband traveled to Rome hoping to see Pope Francis during the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII. Their three-month-old daughter, Ave, was born with Down syndrome, as well as hearing and eye problems. She also was suffering from a condition, which left two holes in her heart.

The Cassidy’s had faith that if Ave were given the opportunity to be blessed by the pontiff, something incredible would surely happen.

They waited for hours in the rain against a barricade in St. Peter’s Square, and when the Popemobile began making its rounds, Scott, Lynn’s husband, held Ave high up in the air above his head.

“It was like the Lion King,” Lynn said.

That’s when a Secret Service agent grabbed Ave and placed her into Pope Francis’s hands. He put one hand over her heart and blessed the child with a kiss on her forehead.

After the Cassidy’s returned home from their trip, they took their daughter to the cardiologist for a check-up. It was at that moment they were informed one of the holes in her heart had closed completely and “one was half the size.”

“I mean it’s possible that it closes just over time,” she explained. “But when you see the picture that the professional photographer took, his hand is here and he’s a servant of God.”

A portrait of Ave and Pope Francis now hangs in the Cassidy’s hallway as a reminder of that miraculous day.