VIRAL VIDEO: Down Syndrome Student’s Reaction to College Acceptance Letter Is Priceless

Noah VanVooren is going to college!

VanVooren of Little Chute, Wisconsin, has the most priceless reaction to opening up his college acceptance letter. He doesn’t waste any time holding back his excitement.

And luckily, his family caught the entire thing on film.

Eighteen years ago, this high school senior was born with Down Syndrome, and doctors told his parents he would pretty much never amount to anything.

They were so wrong!

In the fall, the overjoyed teenager will be attending Edgewood College as part of its four-year Cutting Edge program for students with developmental disabilities and providing them with an opportunity to experience college.

He is one of more than 400,000 people living in the United States with Down Syndrome, a condition that occurs in individuals with an extra copy of chromosome 21, resulting in an altered course of development and some cognitive delays.