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PHOTOS: What Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits Look Like on ‘Normal’ Women

In order to better understand how “normal” women look in Victoria’s Secret swimwear, BuzzFeed held an innovative photo shoot its own.
It brought six very real women to a beach in Malibu, put each one of them into a Victoria’s Secret bathing suit or bikini, and re-created the pose and look of each professional product shot.
The results of some of them can be seen above and when you visit BuzzFeed.
The main idea with the shoot was to help women around the world realize that they don’t have to be models to be beautiful in hot swimwear.
When asked how the photo shoot went, one of the “real” women shared a powerful sentiment:

“I think everyone should get photographed on the beach in a bathing suit at some point in their life… it is a really fun experience that kind of helps you to get over any insecurities. We may not be models, but the world is a runway for ALL of us.

normal women wearing victoria secret

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