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20 Amazing Parodies of Norman Rockwell’s Classic Thanksgiving Portrait

Many people are familiar with the classic Norman Rockwell image, seen center, above. Entitled OURs… to fight for Freedom from Want, is a color lithograph that Rockwell created in 1942, and which was published in the Saturday Evening Post as part of a series illustrating the “Four Freedoms.” The aim of this series was to promote the buying of war bonds by Americans during World War II. Nowadays the original copy on the image is cut off, so most simply think of it as Rockwell’s Thanksgiving painting.

This image is so iconic that it’s been copied and parodied by countless artists. We knew that. We even used a version featuring The Simpsons for our article “Managing Holiday Madness.” But doing a Google image search on the phrase “Norman Rockwell parody” will produce numerous variations of this picture. In fact, it showed us just how many there were — from super heroes to popular TV shows and everything in between. So with that in mind, we collected a bunch and put them here for your enjoyment this holiday season.

While the characters in the pictures may change, the sentiment remains the same: Thanksgiving is a time for family, whether by blood or friendship. Here are some of our favorites. Keep clicking to see more and enjoy this holiday. 

A Lego Thanksgiving

Photo by Greg50 on Flickr


Photo by Want, Bambi by artist Michael Thrush

In a less “dark” version we have…

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