18 Fascinating (Some Terrifying) North Korea Photos

The country of North Korea is home to nearly 25 million people who are monitored and controlled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to country insiders, the country has a mandatory six-day work week and a one-day voluntary work policy.  For all of this work, the average person only makes between $2 and $3 per month.

As you are probably also already aware, the country is a dictatorship that has been under the control of the same family since 1912. Presidential elections are held, but only one choice is available to the people. When the next election occurs, Kim Jong Un will be that man.

One of the wildest pieces of news we’ve discovered by developing the above slideshow is that marijuana is permitted. North Koreans can grow, distribute, and smoke weed.

The above slideshow reveals several other facts about North Korea that may shock and amaze you.