87-Year-Old Nudist Running for Sheriff, Wife Blames Jon Stewart

Dave Olinger, 87, was growing more and more unhappy because Republicans were running for elected positions unopposed in Island County, Washington.

Instead of sitting around and griping about it, he decided to jump into the race. He was bummed to find out the nudist party isn’t recognized by Washington State, so he opted to run as a Democrat for sheriff.

To reveal his sense of humor and ferociousness, Olinger posed shirtless with his Japanese rifle for the South Whidbey Record. The photo mimics Vladimir Putin’s famed shirtless riffle photo gone viral.

olinger and putin

“I’m pretty ferocious,” Olinger told the Record. 

His Wife, Kay, has her own take on his decision to run: “I think he watches too much of that Jon Stewart,” she told the LA Times.

Regardless, Olinger is no stranger to the political world. He earned his political science degree from UC Berkeley. He never used his degree to serve in office, instead he became a secondary school teacher.

“I would do a good job for the county,” Olinger said. “I have a real chance of at least making the ticket. I will serve the county well and, if nothing else, I didn’t have to vote for a Republican.”

He must receive 180 write-in votes in the primary to gain a spot on the November ballot.

While his candidacy may be silly to some, there are several important points he is making:

1. Americans have far more power in the political arena than we think.

2. If we don’t like the way politics are going, jump into the race. Quit complaining and do something!

3. Age shouldn’t be a factor. Keep fighting until the end!