[VIDEO] Nursing Home Employees Charged with Assaulting Eldery Alzheimer’s Patients

Two former nursing home employees were arrested on Monday after an investigation found the pair guilty of elder abuse against Alzheimer’s patients at Emeritus at Farm Pond in Framingham, MA.

Damaris Diaz, 18, admitted to investigators she recorded videos of herself and 25-year-old Samuel Ayekple, as they verbally and physically abused a 78-year-old woman and 71-year-old man. MetroWest Daily News explained the videos based on the police reports, as follows:

“The video showed Diaz hitting the woman on her arms, flicking her ears and then pinching the woman’s nose closed. After letting the woman go, Diaz wiped the mucus from the woman’s nose onto the woman’s mouth, the report said. […] Another video showed Ayekple get into a boxing stance and then slapping a 71-year-old man repeatedly with Alzheimer’s in the face and shoulders while the man tried to protect himself. When the man tried to walk away, Ayekple twice slapped the older man’s buttocks, nearly knocking the man over.”

When explaining the motive, Diaz simply said they thought it would be “funny.”

Diaz, who is a certified Nursing Assistant, and Ayekple had both been working at the nursing home for about three months when the incident occurred and have since been fired. Emeritus also stated the facility is retraining all employees.

Watch the video above to see more on this story.