Oblivious Woman Eats Ice Cream with Bird Poo on It, Then Gets Another Disgusting Surprise

If you are about to have a meal, we suggest you save this clip to watch later.

Julie Bresnan was making a video to send back home to her dad to show off the lovely New Zealand weather. With an ice-cream in hand, she turns to point out the beach behind her, completely missing the bird feces that lands on her ice cream right at that moment. Before the camera man can tell her what has happened, she takes a lick of the poo-covered ice cream.

Then, before we even have a chance to process just how disgusting what we’ve seen is, the bird decides to drop a huge load of crap right on Bresnan’s head.

At lease she’s able to make fun of herself, posting the video online and accompanying it with the caption “When sending boastful home videos back to the motherland in Hibernia bragging about the great winter weather .. ALWAYS step AWAY from tress where birds may be ready to crap on you.”