Officers Rescue Bear Cub Whose Head Got Stuck in a Bottle

Officers Rescue bear cub

As children, we’re told that there was a time when police officers and firefighters would rescue kittens from trees. Perhaps crime and arson were less frequent back then — Who can say? — but it’s not so common a story these days.

bear cub 2But then there are events like this one that put a new twist on that old urban legend.

As the story goes, police officers in Colorado Springs came to the rescue of a bear cub this morning because it had gotten its head stuck in a plastic protein powder bottle. As reported by Channel 2 in Colorado:

It happened just after 5 a.m. when officers saw the cub at West Kiowa and North 14th streets.

The officers tried to remove the bottle but couldn’t, so they put the cub in the back of the patrol car and took her to a fire station, where a Colorado Parks and Wildlife ranger sedated the bear, the Colorado Springs Police Department said.

Firefighters were able to remove the bottle with rescue tools. Wildlife officials tagged and released the bear “in hopes that she will be reunited with mama bear,” police said.

In the accompanying photos, that little guy looks pretty exhausted from the event. Let’s hope it finds its way home soon — and stays out of the gym.

bear cub 3