Ohio Police Searching for ‘Bowel Movement Bandit’

To quote Betty Davis in the movie Beyond the Forest, “What a dump!”

That’s what some folks in in Akron, Ohio must be thinking as they’re faced with a new kind of criminal: the so-called Bowel Movement Bandit. The pooping perpetrator has allegedly defecated on 19 parked cars and driveways since May 2012. Up until now, police didn’t know squat about this man, but his doodie-deeds may be coming to an end because on Tuesday a local resident saw him in the act and shot a photo. It shows the crapping criminal baring his bootie over the hood of a red car.

According to Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards, while the man was caught leaving his crud on the hood of this car, in other cases he has smeared excrement on door handles, or on the passenger seat of unlocked cars. Some residents have had their cars hit multiple times, including the car from this past Tuesday. The Bowel Movement Bandit often strikes between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m..

In nine cases, victims didn’t want to file reports with the police — opting instead to let patrolling cops know about the creepy crapper. Other victims thought a dog had left the deposit. Cleveland.com has a list of people who did report the incidents, along with their descriptions.

Police are asking local residents to examine the image in hopes that someone will identify the man. Check out the tweet below to see if you know him.