17 Old People Wearing Funny T-Shirts (PHOTOS)

Disclaimer: Some people may find the slogans shown in the pictures above to be vulgar and offensive. 

This selection of photos are only part of the reason why old people rule the Internet.

Old people are awesome, and they’re even more awesome when they wear T-shirts like the ones featured in the slideshow above. Despite a few of them being a little on the raunchy side, we are totally fascinated by their twisted sense of humor and fashion.

Contrary to society’s view of the elderly as cranky old farts, from the looks of it, being old doesn’t seem to suck all that much.

Whether their grandchildren wanted a quick laugh or they simply found a mega bargain at a thrift shop, you can’t deny that their facial expressions and the slogans on their apparel are absolutely hilarious.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at these old people wearing funny T-shirts.

Images: Imgur