These Badass Seniors Prove Tattoos Only Get Cooler with Age

Tattoos used to be an act of youthful rebellion, a symbol for individuality and self expression. And while many people still choose to get inked with those principals in mind, body art is just so common these days that they’ve lost the shock factor they once had.

It’s just not that out of the ordinary to get tatted anymore. We see them on a daily basis on everyone from our partners to our grocer to our family members and even on ourselves.

What we’re not used to, however, is seeing them on grandpa and grandma. Witnessing a senior citizen all tatted up is about as out of the ordinary as it gets with tattoos.

The mature crowd above sports some hard-core ink and brings back the sense of of self expression and rule-bending spirit that used to be ever-present in the world of tattoos back in the day. If you think you can peg these folks into a certain category, you’re wrong.

Check out these badass old people with tattoos in the slide show above. They prove tatts are still edgy and cool.

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