Old Safe Finally Cracked: Historical Items Inside

Due to financial constraints, the National Council of Women of the United States (NCW/US) were unable to crack a mysterious, old safe that read “Woman Suffrage Party.” Until now.

On the 125th anniversary of the NCW/US, the University of Rochester graciously joined forces with the former to pay a locksmith to crack the old safe. Warned by the locksmith that it was possible nothing of importance lay within, the organization took their chances.

What was revealed inside?

According to NPR, Paperwork was found: a 1931 paper of incorporation, 1957 federal tax exemption papers, a 1940 IRS letter, and an envelope with a 1999 stamp.

But some of the most interesting articles were: a change purse filled with various currency, medals, a silver broach, a wooden stamp, a corporate seal, a Smithsonian replica of a gavel used by Susan B. Anthony,  replicas of large wall murals of women that were commissioned for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, and various keys, one of which unlocks the storage room in the basement of the organization’s office.