WATCH: Wait ‘Til You See This Badass 104-Year-Old Grandfather Get His First Tattoo

Okay, so we know that getting a tattoo at age 104 is beyond badass, but being the oldest man with tattoos, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is not the only claim Jack Reynolds has to fame.

He also raised a pretty penny for ALS by doing the Bucket Challenge. We’re pretty sure he was the oldest guy to pull that off too. Not only did Reynolds douse himself in ice water, but he also did so in his Union Jack boxers.


Now, Reynolds is one-upping his nude ice-bucketing by getting a tattoo of his nickname ‘Jacko’ and his date of birth – 6 April, 1912 – tattooed on his upper right arm in his own handwriting.

He went under the needle alongside his daughter, Jayne Goodwin, 55, and grandson Shane Spencer, 35, who both got matching tattoos with Jack.

It was all in the name of charity. Jack, who has eight grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren, is fundraising for Ashgate Hospice, which cares for terminally ill adults.

He has already raised over $2000 so far.

“He doesn’t even like tattoos,” says his daughter Jayne, “but he wanted to do something special that would raise a lot of money. He initially joked about getting it on his bum, but then wasn’t too keen on having to get out his bum to show people.”

Well, okay then, Jacko!