Olympic Divers Photoshopped on Toilets [VIEW PHOTOS]

Here’s a (somewhat-but-not-really) sad truth about people: We are all, at heart, 12-year-old kids who still think potty humor is hilarious — especially when it involves people who are famous, incredibly attractive, or far more skilled than ourselves.

Case in point, Olympic divers photoshopped on toilets. Memes featuring the crazy faces that Olympian divers make were all the rage during the Olympics, but making the rounds recently were these photos that had us laughing out loud in the office. The headline above describes exactly what you’ll see in that slide show: Top level athletes making the kinds of crazy faces one naturally makes when competing in a high-level competition, Photoshopped out of their natural surroundings and placed in a public toilet. But adding to the fun is that these Olympic divers are in the middle of¬†plummeting from great heights toward a body of water, curled up into a ball, every muscle flexed, and looking like they’re suffering from the greatest level of constipation ever known in the history of mankind.

Yeah, they’re kind of genius.

We got this set from the blog We Know Memes, and it’s great because they all feature the same background. But a simple Google or Pinterest search¬†will deliver you a whole bunch of others that are worth checking out. You know, like instead of working, or writing articles for websites.

Check out the selections above and enjoy.

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