On-Board Camera Films Car Crash Into Lake

The above video shows astonishing footage from inside a race car that rolled down an embankment and plunged into deep water during the Rally of Mexico.

The footage shows Estonian race car driver Ott Tanak losing control of his modified Ford Fiesta, and the car crashing into the water. It happened after he came round a bend, lost control, and hit the bank. From that impact he was unable to steer the car and it slid off the track, rolling down a steep slope into a lake. This was the second day of the Guanajuato-based race.

While startling, Tanak and his co-driver Raigo Molder were unharmed. The duo managed to free themselves from their racing belts and escape from the vehicle in under 10 seconds as muddy water began flooding into it. The car sank to the bottom of the lake in 25 seconds.

And the most amazing part? Even though the car remained stuck at the bottom of the lake for ten hours, Tanak drove the car again the next day. According to SkyNews:

Engineers rebuilt the car’s flooded parts, drained the engine and installed a new fuel tank, turbo, gearbox, electronic components and a myriad of other smaller parts.

But after three hours of hard work by M-Sport mechanics, the Ford Fiesta sparked back to life and returned to the track in time for day three.

“If you are in a lake, close to the limit of your life and fighting for it, when you finally win that fight it’s an amazing feeling,” said the 27-year-old Tanak, dubbed “TiTanak” by his M-Sport team.