On This Day in History Nostradamus Was Born – Here are 8 of His Most Shockingly Accurate Predictions

On December 14 in the year 1503, Michel de Nostredame, more famously known by the name Nostradamus, was born in Provence, France. In practice he was a physician, author, and apothecary, but more famously he was revered as a seer and consultant of astrology.

His prophecies became legendary around the world, and some of his predictions—even centuries later—have been eerily accurate in how they came to fruition.

The Great Fire of London

Nostradamus predicted that “The blood of the just will be lacking in London, burnt up in the fire of ’66.”

Indeed, in 1666 a bakery fire in London turned into a massive three-day burn that destroyed thousands of structures, and took several lives.

The French Revolution

The seer predicted that those “held captive by the nobility” would rise up, and many have interpreted his words as the foreseeing of the 1789 French Revolution, during which the peasants revolted against the aristocratic upper class rule over the country.

Napoleon’s Conquest

Many people believe that Nostradamus also predicted the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, through a cunning anagram of the names of French cities. He also referenced magpies, which many believe indicates the two Popes who Napoleon imprisoned.

Louis Pasteur’s Scientific Accomplishments

Nostradamus foresaw that “the lost thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries. Pasteur will be celebrated almost as a God-like figure.”

Louis Pasteur was a French scientist born in 1822, centuries after Nastradaumus’ time. He made the discovery of bacterial micro-organisms and their link to fermentation. Nostradamus also predicted that Pasteur would be dishonored by rumors, and indeed in 1995 there was a bit of a scandal when one historian published a book that claimed Pasteur used the findings of his rivals, and not strictly his own alone, to create his anthrax vaccine.

Hitler’s Fight Across Europe

“From the depths of the West of Europe, a young child will be born of poor people, he who by his tongue will seduce a great troop; his fame will increase towards the realm of the East.”

Here it is believe that Nostradamus was predicting the birth and rise of Hitler’s power in Europe. He then goes on to say that “the greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister. Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn, when the child of Germany observes nothing.”

Dropping of the Atomic Bomb

When the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, it marked the beginning of the end of World War II. It is believed that this is what Nostradamus meant when he predicted a “proud nation brought low by the stone in the tree, rumors of a monstrous human, bring purge, then expiation.”

John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

John F. Kennedy’s assassination rocked the world in 1963, when he was killed by a gunshot to the head in his motorcade. When Nostradamus referred to “from on high, evil will fall on the great man, a dead innocent will be accused of the deed,” it is believed that he was foreseeing the assassination.

The man who was accused of the assassination didn’t live long enough to be tried for the crime, and could be the “dead innocent” Nostradamus makes reference to.

9/11 Attack on the World Trade Center

“The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city. By fire, he will destroy theier city, a cold and cruel heart, blood will pour. Mercy to none.” These chilling words are the ones that may have predicted the devastating September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

Nostradamus also had some pretty scary predictions for the upcoming New Year. Some of his predictions for 2016 include:

  • Obama will be the last President.
  • Natural disasters caused by cataclysmic weather and planetary alignments.
  • Destruction in the Middle East.
  • The poles will melt.
  • The world will end.