WATCH: One Direction Releases New Video and Poses with Puppies

The November/December issue of Wonderland Magazine just released new, adorable photos of the British boy band One Direction, holding Labrador puppies in Ralph Lauren jumpers. Confused? So are we.

Although snuggling with the cute puppies is sweet, the much-adored boy band has been trying out a more serious edge in both Vogue and their newly released video of “Little Things.” The somber edge in both the video and the Vogue pictures had us fooled until the Wonderland Magazine images got released.

The boys explain in the tabloid, “We’re just ourselves—stupid, immature and quirky.” Did they need puppies to prove that? And why do the video and Vogue pictures say otherwise? Unanswered questions that can go in more than “one direction.”

Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall may be singing about more than just girls in their newly released video, “Little Things.” They could be referring to the “little” trainee pups with which they each have individualized pictures.

Check out the video above and the pictures below.