One Direction’s British Vogue Photos & Video

U.K. boy band One Direction is back in the magazine spotlight, this time with a black-and-white photo shoot for the December issue of British Vogue. While the boys have been featured in plenty of pop magazines geared toward young ladies, it’s a huge deal being in something as prestigious as Vogue. And, it can only mean one thing:

One Direction is no longer the sole obsession of young women and gay men.

You may think otherwise, but this is Vogue, and the photos are BLACK-AND-WHITE, which makes everything more important. Black-and-white images can turn porn pics into “erotica,” change a trash-strewn street into a work of art, and transform five fair-skinned fellows into something much more grand–even the most pop-culturally-ignorant adult knows black-and-white photos are worth considering with thoughtfulness and care.

Soon, everyone’s going to know about the blond guy’s crazy hair, the pretty one’s eyes, the other guy who may or may not be dating Demi Lovato, or who that guy is who’s going to grow up and look like Ian McKellen. They won’t forget one of the guys like we just did. Dads won’t need to ask an office intern or the gay assistant the guys’ names so that they can bond with their children. And do you know why? That’s right: British Vogue black-and-white realness.

Model Edie Campbell with One DirectionUm… yeah… That all aside, the photos are, actually, amazing. They feature British model Edie Campbell and were shot by the amazing Patrick Demarchelier.

And Campbell is funny in her interview about the experience, saying, “I tried to fancy them, really I did, but I just didn’t. They reminded me of my little sister’s friends. I hadn’t realised how big they were to be honest. I was perhaps the only female left under 25 who wasn’t aware of their superstardom status, but I’m much more of a fan now.”

Indeed. She was present at the black-and-white shoot. She later says, “The others didn’t really say much to me, just Harry.” He’s the one with the hair, FYI. “The hair was impressive. He left me hanging at the end of the day though. We went to say goodbye and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, I went into the right and then to the left – like you do in fashion, the double kiss – and by the time I’d got round to the left, he’d disappeared. There was no serenade; no What Makes You Beautiful, nothing.”

We kind of adore Edie Campbell–the article is worth reading for her alone. Check out the behind-the-shoot black-and-white video above.