One Exercise Move That Scores Major Results

Somewhere between biting into that extra serving of cake (or pizza, or chips, or ice cream) and spending an additional 30 minutes running on the treadmill to burn it off, you start to regret giving into that second helping.

Even if you don’t mind the extra effort and genuinely love to work out, on some days time is a concern.

So what can you do if you want to cut down on time but have maximum pay-off while working out?

We suggest a quick and effective, full-body workout move called the burpee. This move burns fat, builds muscle and increases endurance all at once by combining the benefits of strength training and cardio.

Trainer and head of Rockwell Fitness, Rick Rockwell, says “The burpee is one of the best full body exercises that doesn’t require equipment. With each repetition, your entire body and every muscle group is worked out. Because of the intensity, it is an effective way to burn fat and speed up your metabolism.”

Here we have a video with fitness coach, Matt Herhal showing you how to properly perform a burpee.

And don’t worry, we know the video’s geared towards men (get your guy to watch this with you) but the move has equally big pay-offs for women as well. Do it together and consider it couple’s time. You’re welcome!