Why Is This Guy Putting Sliced Onions in His Socks Before Bed? You’ll Be Surprised

Laying in bed and watching a game on tv in dark socks with a hole

This effective home remedy is said to work wonders to prevent or chase off a cold, strengthen the immune system, and make your feet smell, well, like onions.

Healthy, Wild and Free suggests that you put sliced onions in your socks before bed at least once a month. It may sound extremely weird, but while you sleep, this powerful secret superfood will work its magic.

According to the video above:

By putting organic onions in your socks when you sleep you give the bottom of your feet the ability to benefit from the anti-bacterial and germ killing properties of onions. The phosphoric acid enters your bloodstream and helps to purify your blood and keep your immune system strong.

We’d love to reap the full benefits of this remedy, however, we can’t seem to sleep through the night with socks on. By morning, we always end up with a bed full of onions. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck.