Opening This Weekend: Hit & Run, Premium Rush, and The Apparition

If you’re planning to go out to the movies this weekend, you might want to consider Hit & Run, Premium Rush, or The Apparition, three highly anticipated flicks opening nationwide this weekend. We’ve got a quick summary for each right here as well as a video. Check it out!

Hit & Run

Starring Dax Shepard, real-life fiancée Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper, this comedy is about a young couple that goes on a road trip in hopes of chasing a new life. However their road trip turns into a chase itself when they are followed by Charlie’s (Shepard) former gang members, the state police, and a federal marshal. Watch this movie if you like car chases and comedy. Also, if you want to see Bradley Cooper rockin’ some ridiculous dreads.

Premium Rush

Adrenaline junky Wilee, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a New York City bicycle messenger, who has been assigned to deliver a premium rush package. Michael Shannon plays a corrupt cop, who tries to get his hands on the parcel at all costs, forcing Wilee into a fight to stay alive, all-the-while trying to deliver the goods to the rightful owner. If you’re into complex thrillers or Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and who isn’t?) then this movie is your best bet.

The Apparition

Ashley Greene from Twilight and Sebastian Stan star as a young couple who find a malevolent spirit, unleashed by a university paranormal experiment, is haunting  their home. The apparition becomes increasingly more terrifying, which leads the couple to turn to a supernatural consultant, played by Tom Felton. This fright-fest movie is right for you if you like a good scare. Make sure you take along your crush, so you can get real nice and close during the scary scenes.

Let us know which movie you plan on watching this weekend!

Images: Sony Pictures, Open Road Films, Warner Bros