9 Essentials Every Outdoor Enthusiast Should Own This Summer

People throughout the US seem to be slowly rediscovering the beauty and lure of nature. Over the last few years, men, women and families all over the country have been making an effort to get away from their touchscreens and television sets to explore the outdoors.

But if you want to call yourself a true adventurer, you better make sure you’re familiar with some critical outdoor survival skills and have a number of outdoor essentials on hand. Mother Nature doesn’t care if you aren’t prepared.

At the very least, you will need to have down the basics, such as food, water, fire and shelter. A proficiency in first-aid, as well as other essential gear and supplies wouldn’t hurt, either.

Whether you’re planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail all alone, embarking on a summer-long journey into the wilderness with your entire family, or simply placing yourself in a potential survival situation, bringing the necessary supplies is considered indispensable. While Bear Grylls may be able to survive with just a good blade and a fire source, the same may not go for you or your family.

When traveling off the grid, it’s imperative that you’re also familiar with the famous rule of three: a human can survive about three minutes without air, three hours without warmth, three days without water and three weeks without food.

And remember, the most important tool to carry with you when exploring the outdoors wont’ be on your back, it’s in your head. Having proper wilderness survival skill knowledge may be the determining factor between life and death.

A true outdoor enthusiast is ready for survival no matter the situation, and Organized Prepper will help you prepare for a successful adventure. Organized Prepper is your online source for the best outdoor, hiking, backpacking, travel, camping, and survival gear.

If you’re ready to branch out into the wilderness this summer, you can certainly benefit from this list of essentials. With these items in tow, you can guarantee you’ll be much more capable of responding well to a variety of desperate situations.

Stansport Internal Frame Pack Camping Set
Clearly this is a starter set, but what a great starter for anyone who wants to try out camping and spend some time outdoors and not spend a ton of cash on gear. $123.32


NcStar Crossbow with Red Dot Sight
This is a great little crossbow that comes with everything you need to get started. Accurate enough for small game or just general target fun. $44.99

NcStar Crossbow

Katadyn Hiker PRO Microfilter
The Hiker PRO is lightweight, yet moderately sized. It can filter down to .3 micro size and is easy to pump. It’s also quite fast able to fill a liter in a little more than a minute. $84.95


Chinook Pillow Dreamer
When backpacking for several days every ounce counts, but there are some things worth a few extra ounces. The Pillow Dreamer is one of them, especially if you want to make sure you get a decent night’s sleep. The pillow is lightweight and pretty durable. $10.02


Cammenga Wrist Compass
A great little compass that is easy to use day and night. $38.50


Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel
Organized Prepper just started carrying this item. This quote from a review on another site stuck pretty much sums it up: “I would definitely depend on this tool in a survival situation!” By all accounts this is great firestarter. $22.99


Legacy Deluxe 2 Person Survival Kit
Legacy has long been known for their quality Freeze Dried Storage Foods and now they offer fully loaded survival kits. Everything included in this kit is certainly something you are going to want to have handy when disaster strikes. $159.99

survival kit

Family Road Guardian
While everyone likes to make fun of preppers, this is a product everyone should have. You should keep one in your car all the time. Forget a big disaster, having this kit in the car provides so much peace of mind in the event of breakdown during a family road trip. $239.99


Mountain House Best Seller Kit
Mountain House has long been the standard in Freeze Dried Foods. This kit provides some of a campers favorite meals in lightweight packages ready for the trail. $40.00


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