Over 600 Dogs Attempt to Commit Suicide by Jumping Off Same Bridge

It all started happening in the 1950s, when dogs would wander to the same bridge and all jump off in the exact same location. What draws them there? No one knows. Why do they jump? No one knows, but there are a lot of theories.

The bridge is located in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland near the Overton House. Some dogs wander there on their own, others are simply on a walk with their owners. However the visit almost always ends the same way.

The dogs leap over a 50-foot drop from the bridge, to a pile of jagged rocks below. Some dogs survive the fall, but many do not.


In 1994 a man killed his son by throwing him over the bridge, and then attempted to kill himself as well. Many think that situation as well as others play into the potential haunting of the canines on the bridge.

Most people in the area believe the bridge to be haunted. In fact, the problem was so prevalent that in 2005 the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals brought in an expert to analyze the situation.

Psychologist Dr. David Sands and animal habitat expert David Sexton brought several dogs to the bridge and investigated their behavior noticing how they reacted to the surrounding smells and sounds.


After their search, they concluded that the dogs may be drawn to the smell of nearby mink, and that the strong scent masks their other senses.

The psychologists’ theory is not conclusively proven, and till this day there is still no concrete answer to why hundreds of dogs attempt to commit suicide at that bridge.