Hilarious Showdown: Intruder Owl Versus Freaked-Out Man with a Swiffer Mop

A 40-minute showdown between Colton Wright and an owl that found its way into Wright’s home ended in the most epic and hilarious way imaginable.

The bird and human found themselves in a face-to-face showdown after freaking out at each other about the feathered creature being trapped inside the house. An initial video (included below) shows Wright hysterically screaming as the bird flies around what we assume is the kitchen before perching atop a window.

The stressful situation ended when Wright busted out the Swiffer and used it as a device to free the bird out the window. You will want to have your speakers on for this because the commentary on this is hilarious.

Check out the video above, and make sure to catch the owl’s death stare around the 39 second mark.

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