Owner Reunited with Dog He was Forced to Give Away, Dog Remembers Him Instantly (VIDEO)

See the touching moment when one man is finally reunited with the dog he was forced to give away. When the unnamed man fell on tough times he had to make the impossible decision to send his best friend—a dog named Reece—to a new home. Reece was placed up for adoption at a shelter in Independence, Missouri.

A year after losing his home and job at the same time, his situation improved the man decided to start a search for Reece.

After some digging, he discovered Reece was still at the shelter.

Staff said he rushed down to see his dog, and it quickly turned into an emotional scene. Luckily the whole thing was caught on film.

The dog clearly remembers his human, and is overjoyed to see him again. The powerful reunion is sure to bring a tear to your eyes.

The Great Plains SPCA shelter shared the heartwarming video on Facebook, along with the man’s story and the fitting hashtag “#whywerescue.”

According to reports, the man was able to take Reece home with him.