Passengers Are Stuffed into the Most Claustrophobia-Inducing Train Ride Ever

When we imagine our worst anxiety-inducing fear and multiply it by ten, we get the above scenario.

Imagine your worst anxiety-inducing fear, multiply it by ten, and you’d probably end up with the scenario above.

We’re not sure about the origin of the clip above, but it shows what seem to be normal operating procedures at a train station during rush hour. While we totally understand trying to squeeze into a bus or train as to not miss it, we can’t even fathom what it would be like to be pushed, stuffed, and crammed into a cabin filled with people in this fashion. We mean there are multiple workers just standing around for the purpose of pushing each last passenger in.

It’s like trying to pack a suitcase to the brim and then climbing on it to get it to close. Only thing is these aren’t clothes and that’s not a suitcase; it’s people on a train!

How do you move? How do you breathe? What happens if you’re in the middle and you need to get out? What? How? Why!?

This freaks us out but luckily for us and all our claustrophobic friends, we only have to experience this through a screen.

Check out the mayhem above.