Dad Turns Pancakes into Beautiful Art for His Son

I usually like to keep my breakfasts simple — if I try anything more complicated than plain scrambled eggs or a regular pancake, I’ll end up with either brown eggs or a pancake permanently stuck to the pan.

One dad, however, knows the right way to get fancy with his breakfast. Reddit user ptgkbgte uploaded the above photos of his homemade breakfasts for his son, which take pancakes to a whole new level. It transforms a delicious breakfast pastry into a delicious art medium, to rival oil painting or ceramics. The big difference is you can’t eat those other mediums (supposedly).

There’s even one photo of the son smiling with his beautifully handcrafted pancake art, courtesy of his old man. One has to wonder though how long that poor child has to wait for his, presumably cold, breakfasts. Our hearts go out to you, dear child.

For now though, we’re just going to enjoy the amazing art your dad created and let our mouths water in amazement.