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One Man’s Trip to Paradise Turned into a Nightmare After a Grisly Stay in the Hospital

What was supposed to a beautiful trip to paradise turned into a complete nightmare after some pain in one man’s stomach landed him in the hospital. Jake Beiersdorf headed to Paradise Island in the Bahamas this past January where he would work an annual poker tournament.

However, after feeling a horrifying amount of pain in the lower right side of his stomach he rushed to a nearby public hospital. Eventually, Jake was told by doctors that his appendix needed to be removed immediately. According to FOX 9, after Jake woke up from the procedure he noticed the barely stitched up incision ran over a foot long down his stomach. Jake spoke to the news station about his experience saying, “They did like twelve stitches. And then there was an inch ago between each of them. It’s not the prettiest picture. They said this was normal. I was like ‘this is not normal.’”

Things from that point on only got worse, Jake had to stay in the hospital for four days which he recalls as a “disgusting” experience. Plus, once he returned home to Minnesota, he went to the hospital where doctors opened him back up only to find that his appendix was still inside him.

Jake is now at home trying to recover from the traumatizing experience all while struggling to pay for the medical expenses. You can support him through his Go Fund Me page here:

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