Baby Floats Out to Sea After Parents Forget She’s Still in the Water

What started out as a relaxing vacation near the beach soon turned into every parent’s worst nightmare.

According to BGN News Day, a 10-month-old baby floated nearly a mile out to sea after her parents completely forgot she was still in the water.

Little Melda Ilgın was left all alone in an inflatable raft while the family sunbathed on a beach in Turkey. By the time they realized what had happened, it was already too late to swim out and rescue her. The strong ocean current had swept her far, far away.

This family’s forgetfulness almost led to tragedy. Thankfully, the Turkish Coast Guard was dispatched and able to pull her from the waves.

baby floats out to sea rescue

Melda’s parents are extremely lucky the raft did not capsize or get sucked under the water by the current.

We are happy this story had a happy ending, as so many stories about neglectful parenting typically have a grim conclusion.