These Parents Make Over $1 Million a Year by Sharing Home Videos of Their Kids

Making and sharing videos of their kids playing is something many parents do. Most of them however, do not make over $1 million dollars from those videos.

Mark and Rhea are a couple who do. The mom-and-dad duo, who prefer not to share their last name, upload YouTube vides of their five-year-old son Hulyan, three-year-old daughter Maya, and infant son Marxlen, to their channel Hulyan Maya, and rack in more than three million views per day and tons of money in ad revenue.

The father of three explained he and his wife started their channel back in 2007, but were posting up old videos that he describes as “junk” for a while, before  turning it around and sharing their money-making  videos.

“’In 2014, our YouTube income skyrocketed dramatically,” he told Yahoo Parents. “We’ve made more than a million [dollars] between 2010 to 2014.”

These videos are essentially toy reviews. Not so much the type of videos where a consumer breaks down all the different aspects of a product and shares thoughts of feelings about the item. Instead, the footage is simply of the kids playing with different toys.

The most popular of their videos was made in 2013 when Hulyan got a Thomas & Friends Emergency Searchlight set, and the parents recorded 8 minutes of him playing with it. That video has thus far generated more than 15.5 million views.

These videos appeal to other kids around the same age as Hulyan and Maya, as other parents share how much their children love watching their videos. This type of fanfare and excitement has earned them the 42nd ranking for the most viewed channel in the US, according to Tubefilter.

“[It] exceeded my expectations,” Mark said of the immense success of the channel. “I knew and believed that it would become somehow successful, but more than three million views in a day is simply amazing. I’m living a dream.”

It takes work though. Both parents quit their jobs running an employment agency, to dedicate their time to filming, producing and posting at least two videos daily, with each running around 15 minutes.

The ads that play before the clips have so far brought in enough money for the couple to pay for their cars and house in Southern California, and to send all their kids to college.

And from the looks of it, they don’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon.