Parents Offer Unemployed Son $250k to Move Out and Never Speak to Them Again

On unemployed man claims his parents have offered him $250,000 to move out of their home — provided he never contacts them again, The Mirror reported. The anonymous man, who shared his story on Reddit, said he decided to take the money and sought advice from other users on how to use the funds.

Apparently he has no problem accepting his parents’ harsh conditions, and explained his relationship with them has always been pretty bad. He felt his parents were constantly ashamed of him, and always drawing comparisons to his more successful brother.

He wrote:

“Growing up I was always somewhat the “lost cause” since my brother was better than me at everything. It doesn’t mean I did bad, I was just a little above average while he was always the best at everything: academia, sports, social life, you name it.”

Tensions got worse after he finished college and was forced to move back home while searching for a job. Finally his parents gave him the money offer, and told him he’d have a month to get out and to not contact them again.