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WATCH: Parrot Lands on Reporter’s Shoulder and FREAKS Her Out

We all have bad days. Thankfully, even in this age of social media, those days aren’t normally broadcast all over the television. And the internet.

Australian reporter Brittney Kleyn was reporting in front of the Southport Courthouse on the Gold Coast when a parrot named Lola decided to land on her shoulder.

Kleyn’s reaction is worth watching a few times! After the fact, it was discovered that the Lola escaped from her owner Michelle Mills, who was relieved when the crew delivered their unexpected guest to her. Check out the video below.

So there’s an added irony to this story of the parrot that lands on the reporter. Namely, that it was originally reported on and went viral back in March of 2016. And it became such a fad that even Inside Edition reported on it. (That’s the YouTube clip above.) Brittney may have thought this story was way behind her, but she was wrong.

Now the Google term “parrot lands on reporter” is being searched again and people are posting it in their Facebook feeds as if it were new. So, while we love Brittney and Lola as much as the rest of you, we wanted to make it clear that this isn’t a new story hitting the information superhighway. It’s more than three years old.

Where’s Brittney Kleyn now? She’s still reporting, but also running a health and wellness business called take24project. Combining her love for yoga and Crossfit, she teaches classes and encourages people to take “a small fraction each day to move and move well.” The site says that Brittney also continues to report for ABC News and work as a freelance producer, presenter and copywriter.

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