What You Really Have to Know to Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test

So you’ve recited the Pledge of Allegiance since preschool, and you’ve got the Star Spangled Banner down-pat. That makes you a civic-minded and patriotic citizen of the United States, right? Well if this video is any indication maybe you should have paid closer attention in that high school government class, because you might not have what it takes to pass the U.S. Citizenship Test.

Buzzfeed created a video quizzing Americans on some of the most basic questions from the citizenship test. So just how much do Americans actually know about their country? These questions were lifted verbatim from the actual test, and for most it turned out to be a real struggle. While most of those interviewed got to the right answer eventually–or at least into the ballpark of the right answer–it took a lot of wild card guesses to get there.

Hint: the “right to love Beyonce,” is not a part of the Bill of Rights.

While the folks in this video understand some of the big picture concepts that keep this country running—i.e. the Constitution— they have some trouble identifying or understanding the more specific details of  the country’s founding principles.

So would you pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?