Pat Sajak Believes People Worried About Global Warming Are ‘Unpatriotic Racists’

Today, the Internet is horrified at a tweet from Wheel of Fortune host (and former weatherman) Pat Sajak.

For some reason, Sajak decided to go public and say that global warming is the belief of “unpatriotic racists.”

Who will you believe — Sajak or thousands of climatologists?

Pat Sajak Global Warming

Maybe it’s time for him to finally retire.

Many folks think he’d be better off turning the letters for Vanna White so that no one would actually have to hear him speak.

As one guy so eloquently puts it:

Pat Sajak is an overpaid, glorified index card reader who wouldn’t know a scientific fact if it bit him on his spray-tanned, wrinkled old face. That is all.

We’re wondering how long it will take for his people to begin saying his Twitter account was hacked. Isn’t that what usually happens after someone runs their mouth and ends up regretting it later? Only time will tell.