VIDEO: The Most Patient Cat in the World

There are a lot of pet videos out there, and among them are “patient cat videos.” These are videos where something annoying is happening to one kitty, and it patiently sits through the torment until it either lashes out, or just walks away.

But the video posted above is pretty genius for a couple reasons. The first, is that the video is short — under 30 seconds. (We, ourselves, don’t have patience for long videos where nothing happens.) Secondly, the tormentor is one of the cutest puppies ever seen. And third, the reaction of the cat at the end is priceless. The way the cat looks at the cameraman and, presumably, its owner, tells volumes about this cat’s personality.

Whether you love dogs or puppies, cats or kittens, this is one short video clip that we think you’ll totally dig. Check it out.

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