‘Pawn Stars’ Star Will Plead Guilty to Gun and Drug Charges

Reality TV star Chumlee (real name Austin Lee Russell) from the hit History Channel show “Pawn Stars” was in court today for drug and weapons charges. After being accused of sexual assault, police searched Chumlee’s Las Vegas residence where they found marijuana, methamphetamine, other prescription medications, and a small arsenal of weapons. They arrested him March 9, 2016. Though the prosecution could not come up with enough evidence to move forward on the sexual assault charges, there was an overwhelming amount of evidence to prosecute Chumlee on the drug and weapons violations.

Chumlee was seen walking out of courthouse this morning where it is understood he reached a deal with prosecutors. The 33-year-old will plead guilty to one felony weapons charge and one misdemeanor intent of possession charge during his appearance on June 1, 2016. He will likely avoid jail time, instead receiving three years of probation and counseling.