Pearl Jam Covers ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen and Blows Our Minds!

This is NOT a combo we expected to see in our lifetimes… but thank God we did!

During a concert in Milan, Italy, on June 20th, super rock band Pearl Jam slipped a 44-second cover of the Frozen hit song “Let It Go” into their 1993 classic, “Daughter.” In the “Pearl Jam Let It Go” video above you can hear just the “Let It Go” moment, but in the video below we have the full segment.

Initially, we did think it was odd for this group to make the move, but as the Ryan Secrest website pointed out, singer Eddie Vedder has two daughters, Olivia, 10, and Harper, 5. He’s no doubt heard the song a million times– and probably gotten it stuck in his head like most parents have.

Check out the footage. Does it change your opinion of the song?