Killer Asks Siri Where to Hide His Victim’s Body

You can ask Siri to make phone calls, give you directions, oh and look for places to hide a dead body.

Pedro Bravo, 20, of Florida is accused of murdering his friend and roommate Christian Aguilar, after the two had an argument on September 2012 at a Best Buy about Aguilar dating Bravo’s ex-girlfriend.

The body was found weeks after the incident, after hunters stumbled upon Aguilar’s shallow grave in a forest.

During an investigation, police found Brave used his iPhone to tell the digital assistant Siri: “I need to hide my roommate.” Siri gave him the options of swamps, reservoirs, and dumps.

The police also found the killer used his phone’s flashlight function nine times from 11:31 p.m. to 12:01 a.m. on the night of the murder. They believe Bravo used this functionality to hide the body in the forest.

Furthermore, the data gathered from the smartphone’s location history does not match Bravo’s claims of where he was that night.

The murderer claims he only beat the victim, but the investigators found out that Aguilar was drugged and strangled inside an SUV.

Bravo’s trial is expected to end later this week.