What This Dad Finds Beneath His Daughters’ Bedroom Window Will Shock You

While mowing the lawn in the backyard of his Orlando, Florida, home, a father noticed something really odd: a bald patch of grass beneath his daughters’ bedroom window.

His instincts told him to investigate what was going on, and what he found is every parent’s worst nightmare.

According to WKMG-TV, that night, while monitoring his home, he witnessed a man standing on top a cinder block, staring in to his daughters’ window. Taking into considering how worn the ground was beneath the window, he knew this wasn’t the first time.

Despite rushing after the peeping Tom, he ended up escaping after creeping on the eight and 10-year-old girls.

Now, the father is putting the word out to warn the community that someone is out there preying on the children in the neighborhood, which is very close to an elementary school.

“It’s very scary,” Charlene Murray told the news station. “It’s always been a quiet neighborhood and I’ve never had any problems. I lived here for 25 years.”

Since the incident, the father has placed a sheet over the window to ensure nobody can peer in, but knowing that the prowler is still on the loose has everyone on edge.