Penguins in Sweaters — Why You Should Know About This Adorable and Amazing Program

If you or anyone you know enjoys knitting, you need to get on this right now.

The Penguin Foundation, an conservation group from Australia, is asking volunteers to make and donate small sweaters for the penguin population on Phillip Island. And yes, tiny penguins in knits are as adorable as you think. But this project is aimed at something much more important than a cute visual treat; the group believes these sweaters act as a protective layer against hazardous oil spills.

“If somebody puts oil into the sea… a little penguin swimming along pops up to the surface and finds out he’s come up in a circle of yukky stuff,” Lyn Blom, an employee of the foundation told ABC News.

This “yukky stuff” is extremely dangerous as it can can easily separate and tangle the aquatic bird’s feathers, ruining its natural water-proofing and heating abilities. In addition, the penguin may try to clean itself from the oil and end up consuming it.

With the Knits for Nature program, the foundation has helped numerous penguins in sweaters escape this fate and although the team’s dedicated volunteers do a great job of providing the protective clothes, there’s always a need for more.

To help people take part in the program they even provide a handy pattern guide with full directions and sizing information. Additionally, the Knits for Nature program holds a fun design contest every year to showcase the best and most creative sweaters and jumpers.

However, considering that these items are potentially saving the lives of these amazing creatures, we think all of the designs– and the gentle hearts who knit them — are winners.

Check out the video above for more on the story.

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