Pennsylvania School Stabbing Photos: The Story in Pictures

As investigators attempt to uncover a motive for Sophomore Alex Hribal’s alleged stabbing attack on school classmates and staff members with two knives at  Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville near Pittsburgh, people across the United States are grappling with another question: What if this had happened in my community?

It’s a sobering thought, one that arises whenever a tragedy such as this occurs. Like the majority of cozy small towns, Murrysville is quite peaceful and populated with parents seeking to raise their children to become purposeful adults.

Hribal was known as the quiet type who went about his business at school and didn’t say much. His classmate Mia Meixner USA Today that he is “really shy” and “always kept to himself.” That was until yesterday when he arrived with a “blank expression” on his face and let his fury run loose.

Was he a victim of bullies who reached his boil point? Did his home environment play a role into his actions? Or was he simply a kid who was lost and no one understood the turmoil he was in?

There are many questions to be answered, and hopefully parents and school officials around the nation will take notice.