People Too Distracted by Phones to Notice $100 Bill Dangling Right Above Their Heads

Last year we shared a video about the devastating effects social media and Smartphone addiction has on our ability to connect with others, enjoy special moments, and be able to take part in what’s going on around us. Now we’ve discovered a test that was conducted on cell phone distraction — and this one shows subjects losing out on some easy money.

A recent social experiment/prank demonstrates that point perfectly. YouTube prankster Dennis Roady Deeds wanted to find out just how deeply engrossed people are in their smartphones, so he tied a $100 on a tree branch in plain sight of passersby and stood back to see who would notice.

As the video above explains, it didn’t matter if people were talking on, looking at, or even holding their phone – the majority of those who walked past it were too distracted to see the money.

What’s even more interesting is it didn’t matter what their method of distraction was. One woman walked underneath it with a paper and pen in hand, scribbling something down, and completely missed the Benjamin dangling above her.

By the end of the experiment someone finally noticed the money. Watch the video above to see who it was and exactly how long it took to happen. And as you may have guessed, this person didn’t have his phone in front of his face at the time.